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Please beware! storm chasers will be out in force!
I know many of you were affected by the weather last night, and I hope you are all OK. If you need to have any repairs done, please be very cautious, roofers and contractors will come out of nowhere, and may not be trustworthy.

Do not give money up front for repairs.
We are a professional christian roofing company, who has been in the business 20 + years, and they will be happy to help you in any way, even just nswer questions you may have. No obligation to come out and help you assess your damages, meet with your adjuster, or just calm any fears regarding the process.

We have had many calls already, and are here to help.

Please look after any of your neighbors who might be in a situatio...

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If you feel you may need a new roof, we offer
FREE Inspections and Energy efficiency evaluations.
Just remember, that a new roof is more than just shingles. We will make sure that your roof and ventilation are providing the best possible solution for your home.
Take advantage of our FREE Inspection! Could save you $$$!
We have a number of energy efficient products to offer, including radiant barriers and replacement windows. We also can improve the ventilation in your attic, increasing the efficiency of your home.

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Recently, homes in many areas around DFW received storm and hail damage! Your roof may have suffered damage. No leaks, does not necessarily mean no damage. It takes a trained eye to spot storm/hail damage. Most insurance companies allow only a short window to act. For a FREE no obligation inspection…. CALL US TODAY! 817-581-9885 817-832-3332

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